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Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys in Lafayette, Louisiana 

Being convicted of drug crimes, such as possession and trafficking, in the state of Louisiana can come with heavy penalties that will surely change your future for the worse. That is why our criminal defense attorneys at LeJeune & Associates are ready to fight for your freedom. We are here to defend you when charged with various criminal offenses such as marijuana possession, drug trafficking, and more. No matter what drug crimes you have been accused of, you need an attorney who will work for you and build a strong, tested defense strategy.

To get started on your pursuit of justice, reach out to us today in Lafayette or Crowley, LA, and schedule an initial consultation of your case. Our attorneys also passionately defend those facing drug-related charges in Crowley, Iberia, St. Martin, Jefferson Davis, St. Landry, and across Louisiana.

Why Should You Hire Our Criminal Defense Attorneys? 

There are many values that set our criminal defense attorneys apart from others in Lafayette. When you tell us about your drug case, we will listen, ask questions, and provide insight into the applicable laws. From there, we will create a defense strategy that will help us seek the best possible outcome. We make sure that our strategies are precise, tested, and dependable. We will use that strategy and passionately fight for you.

Drug crimes often come with harsh punishments, which is why you will want a criminal defense attorney who will never give up on the justice that you are seeking. Contact us today in Lafayette, Louisiana, and set up a meeting to discuss your drug case. 

Possible Defenses for Drug Crimes in Louisiana 

While no two cases are the same, there are various defense strategies that our attorneys can build for you. We take pride in how we form our defense strategies and are here to create a dependable defense for you and your unique case. If you were caught in a situation where the drugs belonged to someone else or the drugs were searched for illegally, talk to us immediately.

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Drug Charges in Louisiana 

Depending on the drug type, how much of the drug is being carried, and if you are buying or selling, the consequences and charges will have vast differences.